The elegance of fine woodworking

At a time when European boat builders are staining their interior woods so dark that one cannot even tell if the wood is actually wood or some look-alike and many boat builders here in the USA are following like lemmings, I love to brag to the world about what goes on in our cabinetry shops here in Maine.



These two images of the new Sabre 48 Salon ExpressSalon and Helm show the true beauty of the American cherry wood that we use for our interior furniture. Note the inlays in the salon table top and in the small end table, aft of the helm chair. Only on a Maine built boat will you find such elegant details. It makes me very proud to be associated with these skilled boat builders.

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5 Responses to The elegance of fine woodworking

  1. Joanne Milke says:

    We own a 36 Saberline. I am looking to maintain the beautiful cherry interior. What products to you recommend? Happy in Lyme.

  2. George Weld says:

    It would be nice if the wood worker experts at Sabre would answer Joanne Milke’s question posted in July. I too would like their opinion on how best to keep up the beauty of the interior of my 1997 Sabre Express Hardtop 36′.

    • Giuseppe says:

      Hi George, I am readig these old post on Sabre and I have seen your question. I also have a 2000 36 express and I would like to repaint some parts inside. Do you have any suggestions for my boat. Reading about Sabre, I realized that Mary Irishis competent, she has worked in the internal painting, perhaps she could provide useful suggestions.

  3. Bentley says:

    George your interior wood work really needs nothing more than a gentle wash down with warm water and a very mild soap. My wife uses Murphys Oil soap on ours. The interior varnish on your boat is permanent just as it would be on a piece of furniture that you have in your home.
    As I am writing this I wonder if you are asking about the exterior teak or the interior?

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