New Sabre 43 Salon Express

Sabre Yachts has a long history of success with models between 40 and 45 feet, beginning in 1987 with the Sabre 42 sailboat. Since that date, Sabre has built more than 660 boats in this size range across fifteen different models. Today, they add another:

The Sabre 43 Salon Express

Image depicts a computer rendering of a boat on a blank background

Exterior profile of the new Sabre 43 Salon Express

Family Tradition

With this announcement, Sabre Yachts reaffirms its commitment to evolving with the changing needs of boaters in this size range. Designed as a direct replacement for the recently-retired Sabre 42 Salon Express, the new Sabre 43 draws appreciably from the best points of her older sister while incorporating significant technological innovations and answering some of the frequently noted needs of boats of this size. This blank-slate design preserves the spirit of her predecessors while representing an entirely new generation of Sabre yacht. 

“Having an opportunity to explore a design which lands in Sabre’s ‘Goldilocks Zone’ is always exciting for the team here in Maine.  Boats at this scale are at the confluence of where our lovely lines and proportions really get in step with the human scale and the ergonomic balance between ease of operation and comfort.  The Sabre 43 enjoys a just-right blend of displacement, driveline options, and arrangement of spaces. We expect this model will resonate with our owners in the same way that our previous heritage models in this size have done, but with a contemporary Sabre silhouette and the added Owner’s authority afforded by our networked command and control system.” – Kevin Burns, VP of Product Development & Design

The Sabre 43 Salon Express boasts expansive fixed-glazed windows, sloping deck rails, and a sleek new mast design, all of which contribute to her striking nouveau-vintage silhouette. Described as “the most social Sabre to date,” the arrangement of the Sabre 43 encourages connection through circular seating configurations in the cockpit, salon, and hybrid lounge. While she remains true to the much-loved fundamentals of the Sabre 42, this new model leans into Sabre’s drive toward modernization and innovation, with oft-requested solutions like added storage and versatile guest accommodations baked-in from the start. Owners will appreciate her contemporary approach to Downeast proportions, with sweeping lines and fresh angles contained in a boat that, nevertheless, remains recognizably a Sabre.

Image depicts a bisected view of the boat's interior. A dividing wall and doorway are on center. To the left is a master cabin with queen-sized pedistal berth. To the right is a u-shaped banquette with a table in the center. Light is allowed into the space via overhead hatches, fixed portlights, and the windshield above.

Accommodations onboard the Sabre 43 Salon Express

Beneath her classic appearance, owners will discover the technology and features of a much larger yacht. The new 43 Salon Express will be the first full-network Sabre below 58-feet. As a result, owners can not only check critical functions and control any circuit on the boat from either the helm MFDs or iPad mini but also control the “mode of operation” or “scene” – setting the lighting and circuit configuration of the boat with the simple touch of a button. Remote access to these components, as well as GPS monitoring, geofencing, trip logging, and NMEA 2000-based alarms, are available via cell phone through the included Sentinel Telematics feature. 

The gem of her onboard living spaces is the versatile Hybrid Lounge, which accommodates a wide variety of needs from home office to guest accommodations. In the “berth” configuration, guests enjoy a spacious and comfortable overnight oasis. Meanwhile, in the “lounge” configuration (pictured above), a high-gloss table provides space for laptops or refreshments while the lower-third of the berth converts into a convenient storage compartment hidden behind the aft-most backrest.

Finally, the Sabre 43 Salon Express truly delivers when it comes to storage – an oft-noted need in vessels of this size. Key among the many cleverly designed storage solutions are hatches under the side-deck steps that provide easy storage for fenders and lines, a galley outfitted with ample under-counter and counter-level compartments, and a multipurpose Utility Space under the salon sole which offers various storage and appliance options, including storage lockers, wine cooler, or even separate side-by-side washer and dryer units.

A top-down view of the social spaces onboard the boat. The top half of the image shows the exterior deck and cockpit, while the bottom half shows the interior salon and accommodations.

Layout view of the new Sabre 43 Salon Express.

Production on the Sabre 43 Salon Express is expected to begin in the coming months at the company’s headquarters in Raymond, Maine, and the prototype hull will be completed late in the spring of 2022. The Sabre 43 Salon Express will debut to the public at the 2022 Newport International Boat Show and feature in subsequent shows throughout her inaugural boat show season. 

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Tooling Underway for the Sabre 43 Salon Express

We are thrilled to share that the hull mold is nearing completion and the deck plug is underway for the new Sabre 43 Salon Express. Below you will find several “in progress” photos of the hull mold, deck plug, and 3D-printed transom door plug, as well as a compilation of early press articles featuring our newest model.

UPCOMING: Sabre Yachts’ Lamination Supervisor, Michael Inman, will “take over” our Instagram account to live-broadcast the infusion of the very first Sabre 43 hull! Get ahead of the game by following us on Instagram, and stay tuned for official dates and times.

The Sabre 43 Hull Mold nearing completion! We anticipate the completed part will arrive at the Sabre facility early in September.

The deck plug of the Sabre 43 with anti-skid texture installed. (Note: a “plug” is an exact replica of the finished deck, a master pattern which is used to create the mold, from which the actual deck is created.)

Our expanding advanced manufacturing capabilities are already beginning to change the way that we build! As seen here, the 3D printed plug of the transom door and hinge is tested against the hull plug. This printed part will be used to create the transom door mold down the line.

Pictured here is the Sabre 43 pilothouse plug (in its early stages). Even unfinished, it shows off her modern lines, wide windows, and convenient helm door.

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Sabre 43 Salon Express – Helm and Salon Renderings

SALON – Upon entering the salon, owners will feel instantly at home amidst the bespoke soft goods and iconic Sabre joinery in American cherry. The counter-balanced sliding salon doors, made of mirror-polished stainless, continue the modern appeal and don’t infringe on cockpit space. Her wide bench-style settee to port is complimented by an L-shaped configuration to starboard with drawers beneath, and both are over six feet in length. The L-settee is paired with a sizable high-gloss table with a high-low pedestal for extra versatility.

Onboard entertainment systems feature a Bluetooth-capable Fusion Apollo stereo system and 32-inch high-definition television on an electric fold-down ceiling mount. Fixed-glazed windows, overhead hatches (with a sunroof option), and the expansive windshield ensure that light and air are plentiful. With room enough for everybody, this gathering space is as good for watching the morning news as it is for escaping the elements or enjoying an evening game of cards.

HELM – Forward of the salon, the helm of the Sabre 43 represents the epitome of modern boating technology. Twin Volvo/Garmin multifunction displays (MFDs) provide the captain access to the onboard system network, as well as safety and navigational details. Her Dynamic Positioning System, armrest-mounted joystick driving, and slow speed, single lever, and cruise control capabilities make maneuvering a dream. Dual Stidd seats for captain and mate ensure a secure ride in rough seas, while the convenient helm door makes docking a breeze.

As a state-of-the-art networked vessel, the Sabre 43 provides a high degree of systems integration allowing owners to not only control any circuit on the boat from either the helm MFDs or iPad mini but also control the mode of operation, for example setting the lighting, and circuit configuration of the boat with the simple touch of a button.

Likewise, monitoring of battery voltages, fluid levels, inverter/charger status, and power consumption is available at the helm displays, the iPad, and via the included Sentinel Telematics feature for remote access from a customer’s cell phone. In addition to mode selection and systems monitoring, Sentinel Telematics also provides remote GPS location and geofencing, display of NMEA 2000-based alarms, trip logging, and optional remote control of generator start.

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