In order to better serve our existing customers and assist future customers, we have answered below many of the questions that we are asked on a regular basis with the hope that the answers will be helpful to a larger audience. The questions have been grouped, where possible, into subject matter categories.

If you have questions for Sabre, or if there is additional information that you would like to see in this section, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by telephone at (207) 655-3831 or by contacting us through our Web site. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dealer and Sales Information
General Company
Used Sabre Information and Brochures
Maintenance/Service Issues

Dealer and Sales Information

Q. Where can I purchase a Sabre Yacht?
A. Sabre has dealerships throughout the USA, Canada and Europe as well as in Japan. You can find their addresses and phone numbers by using our dealer locator tool, Find A Dealer, located at the top-right of our site.

Q. Where can I see a Sabre yacht?
A. Sabres are available for viewing at our dealerships and we exhibit our boats at boat shows around the world. You can find out which shows we are going to attend and which boats are to be displayed at shows by looking in our ‘Boat Show Calendar‘ section.

General Company Information

Q. When were the various models of Sabre sailing yachts and motor yachts introduced and discontinued?
A. Click here for a complete list of Sabre Models and their Years of Production (PDF)

Q. Can I visit the Sabre yard to see how Sabres are built?
A. Yes. Sabre welcomes visitors to the South Casco yard weekdays, by appointment, between 8:00AM and 3:00PM. Just contact us to set up an appointment.

Q. How do I get to the Sabre Plant?
A. Here are directions:


Q. How many employees work at Sabre Yachts?
A. Currently 175 associates work building boats in our yard in South Casco. Our affiliate Back Cove Yachts of Rockland, Maine employs an additional 80 individuals.

Q. How long has Sabre Yachts been in business?
A. Sabre has been building Sabre sailing yachts since 1970 and Sabre motor yachts since 1989, in the Sabre yard in South Casco, Maine, USA. If you wish to learn more about our company, its history and comments about us from third parties, please see the “Sabre Story” section of this web site.


Q. Who designs Sabre’s yachts?
A. Our Sabre motor yachts are designed in house by the Sabre Design Team. 

Q. Why did early Sabre sailing yachts have an offset LH propeller?
A. Designer Roger Hewson implemented the left offset propeller to diminish the effect of torque created by the rotation of the propeller. This design also allowed propeller shaft removal without necessitating removal of the rudder.

Q. What hull colors are available for Sabre’s boats?
A. Sabre has a variety of colors for you to choose from. Sabre provides an Adobe PDF file with samples of the available colors. You can download the file by clicking: Hull Colors.pdf (406K).

Used Sabre Information and Brochures

Q. Does Sabre provide info on used Sabres for sale?
A. No. Sabre does not keep a list of used Sabre’s for sale. Yacht brokers using the Yachtworld Multiple Listing Service can find all available listings of Sabres available in the used market. When we receive a call from someone wishing to list their boat or someone looking to acquire a specific model, we refer them to their nearest Sabre dealer.

Q. Do you have specifications or brochures for older models?
A. Yes we do. Here is a list of older Sabre model brochures available online:

Q. How can I get a brochure for a current Sabre?
A. Brochures for each current Sabre model are available for download online in sections devoted to yacht. Visit the section below to select a boat:

Maintenance/Service Issues

Q. What is the e-mail address of your service department?
A. You can reach our service representatives Tucker Thompson and Glen Chaplin at:

info [AT] sabreyachts [DOT] com

Before calling service, however, you may wish to check the Technical Support section to see if your questions have already been answered on-line. Tech Support contains answers to upgrading and maintaining older Sabre models.

Q. Does Sabre have a parts catalog for the older Sabre models?
A. No. We deal with replacement parts on a per part basis. If we stock the part you can purchase it directly from us. If we do not stock it, we can put you in touch with the vendor, most of whom will sell directly or can direct you to a distributor of their products.

Q: Where can I find parts for my older sailboat stove?
A. For alcohol stoves contact Kenyon Marine: www.kenyonmarine.com

Q. How do I go about changing the stove in my boat from CNG to propane?
A. Many owners inquire about making a change from CNG to propane fuel for the galley stove. The main reason given is that propane is more widely available and it is sometimes preferred despite CNG’s safer properties. (CNG is lighter than air and thus escapes from the yacht’s interior. Propane sinks to the boats bilges if it escapes from the system.)

Changing cooking fuels is a very extensive project in that the tanks, the tank locker, the hose, the regulator, and the burner orifices must be changed. This is not a do-it-yourself project. Only qualified service technicians should perform the work.

The commonly available sizes of propane tanks will not fit in the same tank locker designed for CNG tanks. Although Sabre fabricates fiberglass tank lockers for our CNG systems, these are not retrofitable. They will not fit though a cockpit locker opening which was created for the original installation. It is also worth noting that Sabre fiberglasses these lockers in place, the only exception being the Sabre 362.

We recommend that any Sabre owner who has a Regal CNG stove and wishes to pursue this switch, start by contacting www.seawardproducts.com. They offer kits for switching the burner orifices. Unfortunately, the changing of the burner parts is only the first part of this project. The rest of the work should be discussed with experienced service personnel.

If you’re a subscriber to Practical Sailor magazine, you may recall (or wish to look up) their June 1, 1994 edition. On the last page is their response to a letter in which they discuss this subject.

Looking for CNG? Try www.corpbrothers.com

Q. Does Sabre provide retro-fit instructions for tank installations and other upgrades to the older model Sabres?
A. Yes, Sabre has instructions for various upgrade projects for various models. The instructions that we have are available in the Technical Support section of this web site.

Q. Where can I get a folding propeller for my sailboat?
A. Try Max Prop. They are a Sabre Supplier. Their web site address is: www.max-prop.com.