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Dishes and Dives – Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine, has distinguished itself as an ultimate “foodie” destination, earning acclaim from regional and national magazines, and winning a spot on many a “top ten” list. If you’ve spent any leisure time in Maine, chances are you’ve spent some time looking for places to eat in our largest city. There is no shortage of gastronomic gems in Portland, so rather than asking the “experts” we had a little fun and asked the locals!

“Dishes and Dives” as recommended by Sabre Associates.


Jamie’s Favorites:

Breakfast: Should you find yourself by the waterfront, the notorious Becky’s Diner, on Commercial street, offers the classic diner experience with lots of local flavor. Pro Tip: If you stop by Becky’s during the breakfast rush, expect to wait for a seat as it is usually busy, especially in the summertime.

Lunch: If you enjoy Chinese food, then Empire is the spot for lunch. Located on Congress Street, this restaurant offers traditional and modern Chinese food while taking advantage of the local seafood options. They specialize in Dim Sum, which is a style of brunch featuring dumplings and savory dishes.

Dinner: Looking for a dinner spot with a fun atmosphere that won’t break the bank? Find your way over to Exchange Street and check out The Grill Room. This urban steakhouse features dishes from their wood-fired grill and pizza oven, making it a great place to order a rib-eye or to try their delicious duck breast.

Jamie’s Must-Have: Empire’s garlic green beans, spicy pork belly buns, honey walnut shrimp and shumai dumplings, a perfect meal for two!


Lee’s Favorites:

Breakfast:  Across town from Becky’s diner, Lee recommends the Miss Portland Diner for its authentic American breakfast. Located on Marginal Way, it’s hard to miss the distinguished renovated train-car that is the diner.

Lunch:  On Congress street, Lazzari is an Italian-style restaurant that is typically open for late nights. However, Friday through Sunday, they open at eleven. Give them a try if you’re looking for a few drinks, pizza (which is their specialty), or other Italian options.

Dinner: For a fun meal, Lee recommends Taco Escobarr for their colorful Mexican offerings and their fantastic margaritas. Stop over on Congress Street for happy hour from 4-7 to enjoy some $5-ritas.

Lee’s must-have: Taco Escobarr’s chicken enchilada with a strawberry jalapeno margarita.


Daniel’s Favorites:

 Breakfast: Daniel also recommends the Miss Portland Diner for its selection and classic American breakfast.

Lunch: On Portland street, ISA Bistro serves a variety of options, from seafood and meats to pasta and vegetable choices. Their menu changes seasonally, but you really can’t go wrong.

Dinner: Daniel had two recommendations for dinner, the first being Hugo’s, on Middle Street. Hugo’s offers creative dishes, all of which are wonderfully done, from local seafood to house-made pickles. You can find just about anything you want on their menu. Just off of Congress Street, on Maine Wharf, is the equally matched Scales, home to great American and seafood selections along with a beautiful waterfront view. This is where Daniel gets one of his favorite dishes, the scallops with sweetbreads.

As Sabre’s resident food expert, we asked Daniel to recommend a few more options.

  • Offering excellent Latin cuisine, Chaval serves up an incredible range of seasonal options.
  • If you’re looking for Chinese food, Empire is a favorite as well as Lio. Lio offers a greater wine selection than you could possibly drink (no, that’s not a challenge), all while serving well-coordinated small plates.
  • For excellent Japanese food, try Pai Men Miyake, a place that offers sushi, omakase meals, and other dishes sourced from the owner’s farm.
  • Finally, for some Mediterranean flavor, Tiqa offers Mediterranean tastes through the owners’ family roots, and Evo serves contemporary Mediterranean options that also take shape seasonally.

Sabre 58 Hull Design

The new Sabre 58’s below-deck accommodations are a cut above, but there’s a lot more to her geometry than a full-beam master stateroom, impressive storage, and floods of natural light. Every new Sabre design is a boat first, and everything else second – and our owners can attest to the difference. 

Sabre 58 Salon Express – facing aft into the Master Suite

Sabre 58 Salon Express – Facing forward toward the guest accommodations.

When asked what elements are necessary to engineer our award-winning boats, we took the question to the expert: Glenn Campbell, Sabre’s Engineering Manager. Check out the video below for Glenn’s overview of our hull engineering process!

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Welcome, Joby

Joby NewmanSabre Yachts is proud to welcome Joby Newman to our growing Customer Service Team. Joby joins our veteran representatives, Glen Chaplin and Tucker Thompson, and will play a key role in our ongoing effort to provide the highest quality customer service to our ever-expanding family of Sabre owners.

Joby is a graduate of The Landing School, in Kennebunkport, Maine, and earned his stripes as a Marine Electrician, Service Technician, and Team Lead at Zodiac Mil Pro, in Stevensville, Maryland, then at Washington Marina, in Washington, D.C. In 2015 Joby accepted an overseas position with the Department of State, and for the last several years he served as a Logistician and Project Manager with the Engineering Security Office in Vienna, Austria. Over his career, Joby has developed superior technical skills, a diverse collection of tradecrafts, and a passion for imparting knowledge and ensuring the success of his team. Joby joined our team upon his recent return to Maine and is excited to dive back into the world of boating and boatbuilding where his passion lies.

Please join us in welcoming Joby to the Sabre Yachts Family!

Sabre 58 Update – Galley Design, Hull, and Pilothouse

Hi All,

The new Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design! The new layout will optimize storage space and make room for that all-important dishwasher. Take a look at the renderings below for an updated view, then keep scrolling for more production updates! 

Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design

It won’t be long before those beautiful renderings become a reality! In production news, our team has been busy fitting the pilothouse to the deck, installing the fully-opening rear doors, and putting teak decking down in the cockpit.

Sabre 58 Salon Express pilothouse

A meeting of the minds – Production and Engineering leaders monitoring their newest creation.

Sabre 58 Salon Express pilothouse Sabre 58 Salon Express pilothouse

Finally, our carpentry, mechanical, and electrical production teams are making progress on the first Sabre 58 hull. It won’t be long before she’s ready for decking!

Sabre 58 Salon ExpressSabre 58 Salon ExpressBONUS – check out the size difference between the Sabre 58 (right) and her not-so-little sister the Sabre 48 (left).

Sabre 58 Salon Express

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Sabre 58 – All Decked Out

We have a deck! The first Sabre 58 Salon Express deck has been removed from the mold at our Rockland facility. The part will undergo further production before shipping to Raymond to join with the hull.

Check out the preliminary specs and sign up for the exclusive email list on the Sabre 58 page!

Sabre 38 Sneak Peek

We got some new shots of the fabulous and sporty Sabre 38 Salon Express – The full set will go up on the main site in a few days, but we’re too excited not to share a few sneak peeks!

Sabre 38 Sneak Peek

Sabre 38 Salon Express

Sabre 38 Sneak Peek

Sabre 38 Head

Sabre 38 Sneak Peek

Sabre 38 Lounge

Sabre 38 Sneak Peek

Sabre 38 Salon

Sabre 38 Cockpit

Sabre 58 Galley Design

Sabre 58 Galley Design

Galley location in each new model has been a focal point of Sabre Design Team meetings throughout our nearly 50-year history. The aft-galley in the new Sabre 58 Salon Express is at the heart of the social space, mirroring the feel and flow of modern home design. 

After consulting with our clients, many of whom are experienced cruising couples on their second or third Sabre, we shook up the layout in the Sabre 58. Customers are asking for the same welcoming social environment they feel in their home kitchens. They want a galley that acts as a center of activity, whether they are entertaining company, or enjoying a peaceful evening together.

 The Sabre 58’s galley-aft layout effortlessly joins the exterior cockpit space with the elegance and comfort of the main salon, emphasized by the fully opening main door. It creates a more symmetrical main salon, wherein opposed seating encourages conversation and comfortably facilitates a formal meal. On the lower deck, it allowed us to create, as standard, three staterooms, each with their own en-suite head compartment.

The layout in the new Sabre 58 isn’t what folks are used to seeing in our boats. Some may consider it bold: we consider it keeping up with the modern owner.

Edited 5/17/19 to reflect updated galley design.


Sabre 58 Galley Design

NEW Sabre 58 Renderings

Hi All,

The Sabre Design Team has released new renderings of the jaw-dropping salon in the new Sabre 58 Salon Express! Check out the images below, and be sure to sign up for the Sabre 58 Email List to receive early access to all our design and production updates.

Edited 5/17/19  to reflect updated galley design

NEW Sabre 58 Renderings NEW Sabre 58 Renderings NEW Sabre 58 Renderings

2018 Top Products by Boating Industry

Sabre 45 Salon Express named a 2018 Top Product

The fifth-annual Boating Industry Top Products list features 50 of the newest products in boating including everything from engines and electronics, to gadgets and apps, as well as boats, tenders, and even wake-surf boards. According to Boating Industry, winners were chosen for their innovation and their impact on the industry.

Sabre Yachts is thrilled to be included among the many notable winners. None of our considerable success would be possible without the unfailing excellence of Sabre’s production team, who tirelessly raise the bar on what it means to be “Crafted in the Maine Tradition.”

You can see the 45 Salon Express for yourself by scheduling a Sea Trial or catching us at our many Shows & Events!

Why Swimming in Your Marina is a Bad Idea

Imagine: it’s a beautiful hot, sunny afternoon. You’re at your favorite marina getting your boat provisioned and equipped for a fun-filled weekend with your family. The sun’s shimmering on the water enticing you to dive in for a refreshing swim.

Don’t do it.

In the water of even the most pristine marina, there could lurk a silent and invisible killer – stray AC electrical current. Boats plugged into a shore power service at any given marina may have an electrical “leak” that could prove lethal.

It can happen more easily than you think, here’s how:

Electricity flows along the path of least resistance to complete a roundtrip loop called a circuit. Every time a boat is connected to shore power an electrical circuit is formed, flowing from shore to vessel and back again. Similar to hydraulics, this current puts “pressure” (called voltage) on the boat’s AC electrical devices and appliances. Any number of scenarios can cause a leak where some portion of this electricity may escape from its intended circuitry.

At best, the device’s safety ground (typically a green wire) will carry the leaking electricity back to the source and safely complete the circuit. However, because the AC ground circuitry is also connected to the boat’s bonding/grounding system (including underwater hardware), sometimes the path of lesser resistance is through the water.

When electricity is leaking through the water and flowing towards shore, a swimmer may become a better conductor than the water itself. This is especially true in fresh or brackish waters where the human body is inherently a better electrolyte solution, and therefore a better conductor than the surrounding water.

As little as 50 to 100 milliamps of electricity conducted through the heart can be deadly.

There are no visible signs to indicate stray electrical current, and therefore no way to know when one may be present. So, don’t take the risk; don’t swim in or near marinas.



– Glenn Campbell, Head of Engineering, Sabre Yachts