Visionary Founder of Sabre Yachts, Roger Hewson, Leaves Lasting Impact on Boatbuilding

Roger Hewson, the founder of Sabre Yachts, passed away over the weekend. Roger was a visionary and a pioneer in the sailing industry, founding Sabre Yachts in 1970 with a passion for creating high-quality and innovative sailboats that combined performance, comfort, and style.

From hull #001 of the Sabre 28 to the newest motor yachts coming off the production lines in Raymond, every Sabre has been “Crafted in the Maine Tradition,” a standard that Roger helped to set and that we’ve held ourselves to, for more than 53 years. Roger was responsible for designing and building thousands of yachts in his career, many of which remain sought-after and on the water today, and earned numerous awards and recognitions for his work.








Roger was an innovator who would make difficult decisions to always make the product all it could be. He was a leader and a mentor to many who shared his love for the sea and the craft of boatbuilding. He was also a generous and kind-hearted man who valued family, supported the boatbuilders at Sabre, and gave to many charitable causes and initiatives in the community. 

He will be greatly missed by his family, friends, colleagues and customers. We are grateful for his legacy and his contributions to Sabre and the entire yachting community. We kindly ask you all to respect the family’s privacy at this time. 

– Sabre Yachts


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