Technical Support

Contacts in Sabre’s After Sales Service Department are divided into sail and power. Motor yacht representative Tucker Thompson and sailboat contact Glen Chaplin may be reached by calling 207-655-3831 or by filling in the contact form.

However before contacting technical services you may wish to check the Technical Support section below to see if your questions have already been answered on-line. Technical Support contains answers on upgrading and maintaining models which are no longer in production.

Online Technical Support For Do It Yourself Projects:

These are the available updates and tips for our boats in PDF format.

  1. Boarding Ladder Kit Installation
  2. Sabre 28 Mast Access Plate [ Illustration ]
  3. Holding Tank Installation
  4. Sabre 28 Loose Strut Repair Instructions
  5. Sabre 28 Optional Spinnaker Gear
  6. Knotmeter & Depth Sounder Transducer Installation
  7. Throttle Lever Return Spring on Volvo MD7A Disconnection
  8. Sabre 28 Bonding System Lightning Protection [ Illustration]
  9. Water Tank Vent Installation Instructions
  10. Overhead Hatch in Main Salon Installation
  11. Rebed Sabre 28 Main Cabin Windows Instructions [ Illustration ]
  12. Sabre 28 Lead Counter Weight Installation Instructions
  13. Sabre 28 Standing Rigging Adjustment Instructions
  14. Galley Front Removal [ Illustration ]
  15. Sabre 28 Fuel Tank Replacement Instructions
  16. Running Wires from the Mast Step to the Quarter Berth Instructions
  17. Sabre 34 Cradle
  18. Sabre 34 Hull Fiberglass Lay-Up Specifications
  19. Modifying Sabre 34 Rudder for Folding Propeller Clearance
  20. Sabre 34 Optional Spinnaker Gear
  21. Sabre 34 Bonding System Lightning Protection [ Illustration ]
  22. Sabre 34 Standing Rigging Adjustment Instructions
  23. Bowsprit Kit Installation Instructions
  24. Backstay Chainplate Support Repair Instructions
  25. Sabre 28 Inboard Genoa Track Installation Procedure
  26. Sabre 28 Forward Lower Shroud Installation Procedure
  27. Sabre 28 Fiberglass Lay-Up Specifications
  28. Double 9″ Bow Cleats Installation Instructions
  29. Sabre 30 Fresh Water Cooling/Water Heater Plumbing Schematic
  30. Sabre 32 Lead Counter Weight Installation Instructions
  31. Lexan Fixed Port Replacement Procedure

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