Sensational Sabre 48 Salon Express

It's frustrating for so many people who follow the development of a new model on the Sabre blog. Everyone wants images of the new design but until the boat is 100% built, the soft goods are installed and she is in her (water) element, good images are hard to get. Then suddenly she is a living thing with her crew aboard, living the dream. And oh what a dream it has been for the owners of Rooster's Tale, our first Sabre 48 Salon Express. I observed owners John and Madeline as we ran the boat for other owners, new prospects and the press. The words "awesome" and "unbelievable" were uttered over and over again.

What I love about boating and about building boats for couples like John and Madeline is the love that people show for their boats and for their water environment. People adopt different personalities when they are away from the anxieties of day to day life. Boating soothes the soul and brings smiles to faces.

Certainly there were anxious moments as the Sabre 48 evolved and became what she is today but at the end of it all, there is one very happy, very humble and very sweet couple who now will spend endless days aboard Rooster's Tale, living their dream with their family and friends.

Fair Winds John and Maddie!

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