Sabre 40 hull mold arrives, boatbuilding begins

After months of design work and tooling construction, the hull mold of the exciting new Sabre 40 arrived in Maine last week. Now the boat will truly start to take shape.

The evolution of the Sabre design team's work comes to life with the style of this new yacht. Following on the success of the Sabre 52, the Sabre 40 transom is softly curved and slopes aft, creating a very elegant line. And our engineering team has developed a method of installing a curved transom door (not an easy task) in this shape, so that she looks great underway as well. These refinements in style are what has led to the success of each addition to the range over the last ten years since we first launched the benchmark Sabre 42.

Seemingly insignificant in the big scheme of things, these styling cues really do make a difference to the lovers of great boats.

40hull2  40hull

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