Sabre 40 Sedan

It's been a while since Ilast blogged about the new Sabre 40. Tooling is almost ready now and will start shipping from Florida to Maine next week. Meanwhile, "back at the ranch" the engineering department is preparing everything from woodwork to bilge pumps so that the first boat can go on line in December. Public enthusiasm for the boat is high with seven boats now sold to retail buyers and many more sold to dealers for their inventories.

It goes without saying that the boat market is tough right now but designs like this one that create new enthusiasm and excitement, help keep our yard busy. Our Zeus experience on the Sabre 42 Express has been fantastic and we are really looking ahead to sea-trialing this Zeus design next spring.

Next week I'll post some performance expectations for the new Sabre 40. I think you'll like the promise of better fuel economy and great perfomance in this stylish design.

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  1. Bob K says:

    Thanks for the update, Bentley. I’m looking forward to any additional information as it becomes available (currently working with a great dealer, Ron Tucker). This 40 is a terrific design. Any confirmation on the aft bulkhead window being a flip-up vs a sliding configuration? Thank you.

  2. bentley says:

    Yes the back window on the sedan is a flip up and the door in the sedan version will slide to starboard. However due to the need for an insert in the back of the house for the stairs on the fly bridge version the door on the bridge boat will be a swing type and not a slider.

  3. Russ W says:

    Bentley, it was great to see your update. Being one of the seven, we’ve been checking daily on this thread for any new tid-bits on the progress of the first 40. This includes the baited performance expectations you mentioned. Also, will your team be posting any photos of hull #1 being built?

  4. Bentley says:

    I have a whole series of posts to make over the next few days. I was in Athens at the boat show last week and now I am back and ready to blog. Stand by

  5. Al M says:

    When will you be posting the photos of the production of the Sabre 40? Have you given any thought to using the same door system on the 40 as the Back Cove 37? That system opens the whole boat up for entertaining and gives it a cleaner look and more light in the cabin. Also any information on the performance of the 40?

  6. Bentley says:

    Al, Sabre 40 production starts this week with gelcoat being sprayed into the mold today. Exciting day !
    Performance of the 40 with Cummins 380’s and Zeus pods is a 30 knot top end and a 26-28 knot fast cruise. Fuel burn will be in the one gallon per nautical mile window at fast cruise.
    Here’s the deal with the back door. The Back Cove 37 has a fiberglass helm deck with furniture molded into the part. No big problem if wetness gets into the main salon. The Sabre 40 on the other hand has a full wooden furniture fit out on her helm deck. Not something that should be exposed to outside weather conditions. So with the 40 we have a sliding door and a flip up window to port which does open up the aft end of the house but not quite as much as the BC 37 does. Other advantage for those who live with mosquitoes etc, the 40 will be screened and the BC37 cannot be

  7. matt v says:

    do you have a transom and rear pilothouse elevation of the back of the new 40 sedan? We have a 2007 True North 38, and with the news that they are not going to build their 47, we are seriously interested in your new boat.

  8. Bentley says:

    Matt I will post a picture for you to see. The image is early in the deck fit out period so it will not be perfect but you’ll get the idea.
    We have a glass entry door that slides athwatships to port. On either side of that there is a framed window that flips up under the hard top overhang. Not as open as your 38 but plenty of air flow throgh the salon. Consider the sun roof option and you will feel like you are out of doors.

  9. matt v says:

    i would love to see the picture. In the meanwhile, I will reach out to oxford boat sales. the great irony is that i nearly purchased the first hull of the sabre 34 on the cheasapeake 3 years ago…

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