Hull Design and Zeus

The other day I heard a comment from a competitor that Sabre had not specifically designed the 42 Hull for Zeus. That is an incorrect statement. I only hope my competitors read my blog so they too will learn from it. When we decided to use the Zeus pods on the 42 Express we approached Cummins and they agreed to use their own naval architect Cotty Fay to determine the suitability of our existing hull for this application. After a full review Cotty worked with us on the tooling of the Zeus mold inserts and agreed that we had a perfect design for their product. Our sea trials have proven that he (and we) were right. Check out the video .

Here is an image of the insert that creates the flat in the hull for the Zeus Pod. It's bound to promote some conversation so I'll just drop it there and wait for questions.


The Sabre 40 hull and inserts were developed in concert with Cummins and Cotty Fay. Rest assured clients (and competitors) that this one will run just as beautifully as the 42 Express and that is a very sweet ride.

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