PATIENT ADVENTURE: A trip on the first ever Sabre 28, PATIENCE

Dsc07667_2 Some consider sailing to be an adventurous activity, with images of salt spray, wind in your face and conquering vast oceans.  Yesterday, we moved Hull #1 of the Sabre 28, PATIENCE from its commissioning at Royal River Boatyard down to its summer home on a mooring in Prouts Neck, south of Cape Elisabeth.  This was more of a patient adventure.  Our crew of four, including CEO Daniel Zilkha, Chairman, Ed Miller, friend and enthusiast Steve and myself motored out of the Royal River in Yarmouth under a rising tide first thing in the morning.  We powered along nicely with the original Atomic 4 gasoline engine.  I’m not going to say this 4 decade old engine is fantastic, but she did carry us safely out through the shoals and hazards that have detained some in the river and few islands.  We carried on motoring past Chebeague Island through the Little John cut waiting for the morning breeze to fill in.  This is when I realized some boats just have personalities and PATIENCE proved to be one of these ladies.  No sooner did the breeze freshen, our little Atomic 4 engine decided it was done for the day and packed up.  It was as if she was telling us to stop fooling around with power and just get to sailing already!  We easily raised the main and jib and off she livened through the mornings lobster fleet of Long Island.  Beautiful.

She is a delight to sail controlled by her varnished tiller, and we all took a turn.  It is amazing to recognize that this boat has been asked to perform the same sailing maneuvers for nearly four decades carrying countless crew on many journeys.  An unfavorable and unusual southerly wind yesterday meant that as we turned right through Hussey Sound to head to Prouts, we were met with a 6 hour *joyous* beat to weather as we made our way down.  No choice to turn on that auxilliary power, we were resigned to sail as fast as we could and get there when we get there.  Its unusual these days to be ‘forced to sail’.  It was a stunning clear Maine coastal day and we tacked in and out of the coast following the best breeze and deciding whether we wanted to have a bit more of a scenic view along the coast, or head out away from shore joking about our course track to Gibraltar.  It is a unique experience sailing a piece of history like that and a pleasure to be reminded by her that although the mission was to bring her to her mooring, it was far more about the journey than the destination.  Please enjoy a video of images from yesterdays cruise.

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Download PATIENCE.July15.08.wmv

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