Top 10 Boaters Resources on the web

There is a lot of information out there these days for boaters and we know that many people go strait to the web first.  There is no qualifying place that rates these websites as credible.  Understandably, you are going different places if you want weather/tide and cruise planning rather than new product, boat buying and how-to information.  I can give you a healthy cross section of some of our favorites here, but please feel free to use the Comments section of this blog to start a discussion – show us your favorite links!

1.  This site is really neat because it includes aerial photos and as well as information about dockage, rates, points of interest, restaurants.  Check it out!

2.  Every week, this is updated with helpful tips, technical information, great cruise stories and there are always lots of pictures.  They also sponsor another good site:

3.  Some excellent boat reviews which include video walk throughs.  Especially good for motor yacht enthusiasts.

4.,  Both of these sites represent their popular sailing magazines published by The Sailing Company, but feature a diverse array of content for both cruisers and racers alike.

5.  This marine electronics page has great content, updated often!  Published by Power and Motor Yacht Magazine and SAIL Magazine.

6. A great British portal for boating information. 

7.  General interest into the world and industry of sailing.  Often follows more of a racing scene. The forums here can get quite lively!

8.  A website dedicated to promoting the healthy lifestyle of boating.

9. I have been told our nautical bible, REEDS Almanac will be going online and you can sign up here to be one of the first subscribers.

10. .  Stay tuned for what the owners of this website are planning in the future here!  Should be some exciting stuff.

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