And everything is new again …..

IPhones, Hybrid cars, I MAC’s and lots of other very cool things. Our parents all complain when we throw away a TV that’s still working or upgrade our computer that "works just fine". In fact in my family we have to sneak things out of my mother’s house so she doesn’t hang on to them. It’s a new day and consumers are loving technology. And why wouldn’t they if it gives them benefits.

We are working on a new design and felt it would be fun to share it with our readers. A soft launch if you will. We have a lot of great boating readers and would really love to get some feedback on the new Sabre 40 Sedan. The boat is going to be launched in the spring of 2009. She will be built both as a sedan and as a fly bridge boat. She will employ Cummins Zeus pod drives and she will be our first infused fiberglass boat. She will be lighter, faster and quieter yet use less fuel that previous designs because she has smaller engines, pods and is infused. Infusion allows us to use less resin (about 20%) and yet make the parts as strong by having better resin to glass ratios in the laminate.

Here are some images. Let us know what you think.Sabre40sm 


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17 Responses to And everything is new again …..

  1. Richard says:

    The picture indicates you may have a sliding door on the starboard side. Have you used a system that seals the door on all four sides when closed?

  2. Bentley says:

    Rick sliding doors are really hard to seal up from the weather unless you buy something like the ships and superyachts use. We have managed to get a 20″ wide swing door in that location and that solves the water problem that sliding doors have

  3. David Evans says:

    This vessel is the ultimate marriage of the Sabre and The Back Cove. When I saw the tumblehome it took my breath away, and I found myself quickly looking to see what shape the portlights were and if she was twin or single engine.Very nice design work SDT!

  4. David Evans says:

    Perhaps you will consider a “Couples layout” as with the 34

  5. Bentley says:

    David when you say “couples layout” are you referring to the second cabin? We are going to offer a dinette in this area as an option to the full second cabin so that meals can be taken on the lower level and not in the salon. Is this what you had in mind?

  6. Bentley says:

    Kind words David. Wait until you see the actual tooling (molds). The styling details of this boat are like nothing you have ever seen from Sabre Yachts before. Amazing and beautiful details

  7. David Evans says:

    Yes, that is what I was asking and I’m glad to hear this option will be offered. I am very exited to see the style and tooling details you describe. We can always expect more refinement and detail oriented quality with style from the Sabre Design Team. I’ll stay tuned for more pictues.



  9. Bentley says:

    Keith the simple answer is that the 40 is a Sedan (solid aft bulkhead with door) and the 42 is an Express (Open to to the cockpit from the helm deck). Express boats have a companionway between the helm deck and all accommodations which are below. This boat (the 40) offers a sedan style and an openess from salon to lower level. Different boats for different folks

  10. David Evans says:

    Bentley, I am interested to know your opinion on sliding glass doors as used for an “Alaskan Bulkhead”. They are admittedly very practical for a number of reasons; i.e. the engine access feature of the helm deck lifting on the B.C. 33, and I would imagine visibility would be great reason for using them on the Sabre 52, “but”, and I wonder if I’m alone in thinking that, they aren’t very nautical looking. So, I find myself reading into your answer to Keith that, hopefully, the Sabre 40 Sedan will have a molded bulkhead and a door(?). An age old design challenge that goes back to “French Doors” looking better than sliding glass doors, but French doors eat about thirty- six square feet of floor space. Also, I suppose the idea that a sliding door cheapens the boat could be refuted by a quick look through any showboat magazine. I’ll be interested to see how SDT does the Sabre 40 Sedan.

  11. Bentley says:

    The Sabre 40 sedan will have a sliding door in a pocket. Best solution to a swing door issue although on the fly bridge version the boat will have a swing door that swings over to the fly bridge stairs. When considering doors dont just think about engine access, think about the interior joinery that sits in front of these doors. We are working to find a flip up window in the back of the house above the settee such as used by Mochi and Riviera in some of their express yachts.
    This are is still in development but we have some great ideas that are playing out now that tooling is just about completed.

  12. John W. says:

    Bentley, What are the price points for the 40? When will one be available for inspection/trials on the Chesapeake Bay?

  13. bentley says:

    John the base price for the sedan version is $575,000.00 and the fly bridge is an option at $50,000.00. The first boat to the Chesapeake is going to be early summer and first sea trials in Maine will occur in April.

  14. David Evans says:

    Bentley, the door sliding into a pocket sounds good in terms of nautical joinery and I like the idea of a convertible solid window. Could it also receed into a pocket as with the Grand Banks Eastbay? I like the solid “Alaska Bulkhead” for the Nothwest, however it’s very nice to open up on the many good days,while still maintaining the optional security and warmth of a real bulkhead. I like very much that the SDT is thinking of ways to improve on the sliding glass door.

  15. Bentley says:

    David I too like the EB 45 dutch pantry window but that is a costly (and in our opinion) troublesome decision for the owner. If it fails when in the down position what do you do? I (we) like simplicity of thimngs that work and that we can have faith in working day in and day out. Gadgets are cool too but this one really concerns us

  16. Bob K says:

    Given your reliability comment regarding the EB dutch pantry window, what is your opinion on the reliability of a sunroof in place of the dual hatches. Also, have you considered locations for a washer/dryer? Thank you.

  17. Bentley says:

    Bob, the sun roof supplier is Webasto and they have been building automtive sunroofs for the likes of Mercedes Benz and VW for decade. Ultra reliable stuff.
    There is no space available in the interior of this boat for a washer drier unless you give up the 2nd cabin. Sole excpetion might be in the engine room but few folks want it down there.

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