And everything is new again …..

IPhones, Hybrid cars, I MAC’s and lots of other very cool things. Our parents all complain when we throw away a TV that’s still working or upgrade our computer that "works just fine". In fact in my family we have to sneak things out of my mother’s house so she doesn’t hang on to them. It’s a new day and consumers are loving technology. And why wouldn’t they if it gives them benefits.

We are working on a new design and felt it would be fun to share it with our readers. A soft launch if you will. We have a lot of great boating readers and would really love to get some feedback on the new Sabre 40 Sedan. The boat is going to be launched in the spring of 2009. She will be built both as a sedan and as a fly bridge boat. She will employ Cummins Zeus pod drives and she will be our first infused fiberglass boat. She will be lighter, faster and quieter yet use less fuel that previous designs because she has smaller engines, pods and is infused. Infusion allows us to use less resin (about 20%) and yet make the parts as strong by having better resin to glass ratios in the laminate.

Here are some images. Let us know what you think.Sabre40sm 


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