“The Life Aquatic” – Profile on Kevin Burns, VP of Design and Product Development

Our in house designer, Kevin Burns, is featured this month in Maine HOME+DESIGN . “I want a design that’s going to be just as appealing 10 years from now as it is today, without ever becoming old fashioned.” Burns says.


The article written by Maine Home and Design magazine writer Jaed Coffin is titled, The Life Aquatic”. He writes, “The secret of Burns’s design insight has a lot to do with the fact that the shop where his boats are built is just a few seconds’ walk from the desk where he dreams them into life. You can smell the fiberglass resin through the wall, hear the sounds of careful construction as if it were in the room next door. Burns takes pride in what he calls the “symbiotic relationship” between his office and the shop floor. There’s no emailing between engineers and craftsman, no driving between site visits: it’s all right here in what Burns calls a “flexible space.” “Good design,” Burns says, “requires diligence on every level. It’s about minimization and efficiency. If I draw something up, I can bring it downstairs, and my guys can tell me if it’s going to work. If not, back to the table.”
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To read the article in it’s entirety along with other Sabre news, visit the Sabre “In the News” section of our website. To find a copy of this month’s Maine Home and Design magazine, click here.





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