Glenn Almlov retires after 40 years at Sabre Yachts

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Sabre Yachts is proud to honor Glenn Almlov for his 40 years of service to the company with a retirement ceremony on May 2nd.

Sabre began building yachts in 1970 and Glenn became an assembly associate in 1973, building the Sabre 28 and Sabre 34 sailboats.  He was soon transferred to Wood Shop and as his expertise grew, he became an integral part of the Product Development team.  This department built the plugs and molds used in the development of many new, successful models of boats over the years.


In 1992, Glenn became the Supervisor of both Wood Shop and Product Development.  Glenn took a strong interest in the safety of the associates at Sabre and his role gradually evolved into his present position of Safety and Environmental Manager.  Glenn created our Safety Committee that meets quarterly to discuss safety at the plant.  The outstanding safety record at Sabre is a tribute to Glenn’s hard work in this area.  He oversees the facility, transportation of our product, and all environmental issues and regulations.  Aaron Crawford, COO at Sabre says “Glenn is a critical part of the daily operation of Sabre Yachts, a great associate for over 40 years, and beyond that, a great person”.


Glenn lives in Bridgton with his wife, Wendy.  They have raised two children he is extremely proud of, his son Erik, a graduate of Maine Maritime Academy and his daughter Alison. Glenn has one grandson and a granddaughter on the way.  Glenn enjoys spending time with his family and continues to work on boats in his spare time.  He is also very interested in agriculture and has a small family farm that he tends.

Glenn retires after 40 years of service and he will be sadly missed at Sabre Yachts.  

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8 Responses to Glenn Almlov retires after 40 years at Sabre Yachts

  1. Chris Bryant Burr Bros. Boats Inc. says:

    Glen is a great representative of your company. I have enjoyed working with him over the years due to his knowledge, and ability. Good Luck from the entire crew at Burr Bros. Boats.

  2. Jeff Brown says:

    Thanks for your many years of dedication to the Sabre Brand enjoy your retirement.
    Jeff Brown and the entire team at JK3 Yachts.

  3. Please tell Glenn thank you for all his hard work – I have owned a Sabre 38’ and 28’ and now an ‘84/34’ Sabre MkI.
    It is a wonderful boat of the very best quality and it is thanks to Glenn and his team. Have a long and wonderful retirement.

  4. Greg Bego says:

    Congratulations from the crew at Down East Yachting. We really enjoyed working with you and gained valuable insight from your knowledge. We wish you and your family the best.

  5. William Boone says:

    I had the chance to work for Glenn in the Production Devolpment dept. back in 1988. Enjoy your retirement Glenn, you deserve it.

  6. Jim Schofield says:

    On behave of all of the owners of the many Sabre sailboats out there, I’d like to express our tremendous appreciation to Glenn for all the help he has provided us over the years. He will truly be missed.

  7. scott sainsbury says:

    Congratulations Glen,
    I own Sabre 30 #61 — built in 1981. I’m sure the mark of your craftsmanship is all over this plucky little boat. It’s great to put a person with her character. And, while you may be retiring, I’m anticipating that she will be hard at work on Lake Champlain for years to come! Thank’s for doing your part in making such great boats.
    Scott Sainsbury
    Moretown, Vermont

  8. Barbara (Douglas) Ratliff says:

    Congratulations, Glenn, on your retirement! Forty years is a nice long career … and, from what I read in this article, and from the comments people have made, you will be missed for your dedication and hard work. I talked with Mom and she told me that you had recently retired. I’m sure you are already enjoying it.
    Your cousin in Pennsylvania,

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