“Sir, Madam, your table is ready”

S48_set.for.dinnerThe Sabre 48 Salon Express already has a reputation for its spacious layout. Recently some Sabre 48 owners snapped an image of the main salon set-up for dinner which really highlighted the spacious nature of the 48.

This image, taken from the helm looking aft, shows how one can host a comfortable dinner party for four (or even 6) people aboard the Sabre 48! As you can see, the main salon offers ample seating surfaces for entertaining or simply relaxing to read or enjoy the entertainment systems. Sabre 48 Rooster's Tale in Portland Maine.

The multiple smart phones on the table is pretty typical these days. Has anyone been at a dinner where everyone is asked to surrender their cell phone? Apparently the phones are stacked on the table and the first person to get a text or phone call or the one who reaches for their phone, pays for dinner. Sounds interesting!

As you can see from the image, the port side sliding settee (it’s on the right side in this picture) moves athwart ships to get to the table (it also exposes the stairs to the optional 3rd cabin below the salon).

Sabre 48 Rooster's Tale in Portland Maine.

The raised cockpit sole of a Sabre 48 Salon Express brings together the social aspects of the cockpit and main salon, and the aft end of the house opens up fully to connect the spaces. 

To learn more about the Sabre 48 Salon Express, visit the Sabre website.


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