Save me please !!!

Elin has moved out, Tiger is in hiding so not even the paparazzi's cameras can find him The Gosselins are divorced (thank God). So what is the media going to talk about now? I am amazed with our desire to watch other peoples lives go up in flames; our fascination with other peoples misery. They say it helps us feel better about our own lives and I suppose it does in some crazy way.

I for one am focused on one thing: Next summer. Just today I marked "launch day" on my calendar and for you southern folk, April 15th is very early to launch a boat in Maine. Then as if connected through the ether in some way a friend sends me an image of one of last summer's raft ups and before you know it the emails are bouncing back and forth talking about days getting longer and how it's only 16 weeks before we go boating again. As silly as that sounds to you year round boaters we do really look forward to the next season and to launch day.


So this is the way I see it. Boaters get to see things that others do not. We are very lucky people in that regard and we need to remember that. Every time we get a little down we have images like this to get us back on track. I can't wait get back out there and see these sunsets again.

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