Sabre 42 Express to Bermuda? That will be ten cents please

If I had a dime for each time someone has asked me if you could take an extended offshore voyage on one of our motoryachts, my economic recession would never have started. There are a lot of would be Marco Polos in this world and I count myself amongst them. Today I learned of a Sabre 42 Express that made the trip on it's bottom from the US mainland to Bermuda. I hope that my divulging this does not mean the loss of all those dimes I spoke of.

Alan Williams of Bermuda bought the boat used in the spring of 2009.  He and three friends left Marion, MA., in June, set the auto pilot, and headed home to Bermuda.  He temporarily installed two, two hundred gallon bladder fuel tanks.  One was on the bow and the other in the cockpit.  They were plumbed up to a transfer pump and pumped fuel from those tanks into the ship’s fuel tank.  They averaged about 14 knots for the trip and did it in 51 hours.  As they could see the island in the distance the generator shut down due to low fuel and by the time they made into Hamilton they were running on fumes. There must have been some nervous moments on board. 


Sistership shown here
Their weather window was clear with hardly a whisper of a breeze the entire way which made the trip quite easy. So on behalf of all of those people who have in the past and will in the future ask me if they can take their boat to Bermuda, thank you and the answer is "yes"

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