Welcome, Joby

Joby NewmanSabre Yachts is proud to welcome Joby Newman to our growing Customer Service Team. Joby joins our veteran representatives, Glen Chaplin and Tucker Thompson, and will play a key role in our ongoing effort to provide the highest quality customer service to our ever-expanding family of Sabre owners.

Joby is a graduate of The Landing School, in Kennebunkport, Maine, and earned his stripes as a Marine Electrician, Service Technician, and Team Lead at Zodiac Mil Pro, in Stevensville, Maryland, then at Washington Marina, in Washington, D.C. In 2015 Joby accepted an overseas position with the Department of State, and for the last several years he served as a Logistician and Project Manager with the Engineering Security Office in Vienna, Austria. Over his career, Joby has developed superior technical skills, a diverse collection of tradecrafts, and a passion for imparting knowledge and ensuring the success of his team. Joby joined our team upon his recent return to Maine and is excited to dive back into the world of boating and boatbuilding where his passion lies.

Please join us in welcoming Joby to the Sabre Yachts Family!

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  1. Rob Noll says:

    Welcome Joby!

    You are one fortunate fellow! You will LOVE Sabre Yachts. Many years from now you will look back and remember with fondness the professionalism and quality company you have worked for. There are none better. Remember it;s a team environment. Never hesitate to ask for help from others in the office. The engineering team can be especially helpful. They helped me rescue several stranded owners with wiring issues and engine issues. Write lots of CQR’S! ( customer quality reports…and not just for problems!)..Be patient and a good listener and get back to folks promptly. If It’s a difficult situation that will take time to figure out, let the customer know you are working on it! Keep in close contact with the shop and spend time there checking new things out. Spend time on the boats! .I really envy you…and congrats on your new adventure!
    Sabre is Finest Kind!

    Rob Noll

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