Sabre 58 Update – Galley Design, Hull, and Pilothouse

Hi All,

The new Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design! The new layout will optimize storage space and make room for that all-important dishwasher. Take a look at the renderings below for an updated view, then keep scrolling for more production updates! 

Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design Sabre 58 Salon Express has a new galley design

It won’t be long before those beautiful renderings become a reality! In production news, our team has been busy fitting the pilothouse to the deck, installing the fully-opening rear doors, and putting teak decking down in the cockpit.

Sabre 58 Salon Express pilothouse

A meeting of the minds – Production and Engineering leaders monitoring their newest creation.

Sabre 58 Salon Express pilothouse Sabre 58 Salon Express pilothouse

Finally, our carpentry, mechanical, and electrical production teams are making progress on the first Sabre 58 hull. It won’t be long before she’s ready for decking!

Sabre 58 Salon ExpressSabre 58 Salon ExpressBONUS – check out the size difference between the Sabre 58 (right) and her not-so-little sister the Sabre 48 (left).

Sabre 58 Salon Express

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2 Responses to Sabre 58 Update – Galley Design, Hull, and Pilothouse

  1. Howard Walters says:

    I am curious why the design has required several step-ups as you go from the cockpit through to the helm station? The flat floor entry of the 48 has always impressed me from the safety issues of emergency movements through the vessel in rough weather.
    I’m coming from sailing our 53 around the world and all the unplanned for events we encountered.

    It ain’t all Sunday parties with wine and BBQs if you are on the “move”.

  2. Bentley Collins says:

    Hi Howard That’s a really good question. In a perfect world we would have a flat cabin sole from one end of the salon to the other. However modern design trends (and we do need to remain relevant) are dictating that we need more than six feet of standing headroom in the full beam master cabin below the salon. Add to that another 6-7 feet of headroom in the main salon and the design ends up being very “tall”. Our aesthetic would then go away as it has in many of the Euro styled cruisers of this size.
    Keep in mind also that these boats need to leave our yard and travel over the road to get to salt water and having anything too high makes that impossible.
    I agree that we need to build to sea conditions and in that regard keeping the overall height low means a more stable craft

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