OPTIMISM, “A Sabre 48 Salon Express WILL take me anywhere”

Bob P. is about to have a brand new Sabre 48 delivered to his front door. He is a two time Back Cove owner and decided to switch into Back Cove’s sister company, Sabre Yachts for desire of a larger boat. The goal is to travel to the Turks and Caicos’ with his wife this winter. Ahh, I’m green with envy!

Bob looked at three dozen different boat manufacturers. “I reviewed many boats out there. I kept coming back to Sabre because of the traditional, classic Downeast look where function meets form.”

Sabre 48

The cockpit of a Sabre 48 Salon Express

Bob had complete faith in the Sabre manufacturing and build process. “I did months and months of research and Sabre kept coming back on top.”

“I wanted the best of the best. I didn’t want a boat that just looks pretty at the dock – I call them wine and cheese boats.”


There are 4 other Sabre 48’s being built in Raymond

Another major factor for Bob is that Sabre’s are made in the USA. “I didn’t want to work with an overseas factory on a build.” He said. “And more importantly, I already bought two boats from the Sabre/ Back Cove family. They are outstanding and their customer support is better than I’ve ever seen in my thirty-five years in the boating industry.”


A unique color! Bob calls it Wasabi green

When Bob decided to buy a Sabre, he went to his local dealer, Petzold’s Marine Center. “Petzold’s is first class. As an insurance agent, I interacted with hundreds and hundreds of dealers over the years and find Petzold’s truly outstanding.” Bob says, “They get it”.

When I told them I was considering a Sabre 48, we went on a sea trial. “The boat was fantastic but because of my Parkinson’s, I needed to further enhance specific safety features. And Sabre didn’t skip a beat.” Bob says, “Sabre gives you the latitude to personalize the boat since it’s a semi-custom build and that meant a lot to me.”

Bob spoke to Sabre’s National Sales Manager, Lynn Beaudoin, who listened to all the special features he needed to ensure he moved around the boat with ease and security. “They will work with the customer and provide proactive input and advice to give us the build of our dreams. They will do anything possible as long as it fits in the safety margins.”


Only two months left before this beautiful yacht gets splashed!

Bob was especially impressed with how many different people within the company were involved in all stages of the process. “The design team and engineering team took their practical knowledge and gave me proactive suggestions. It’s hard for me to admit it, but their ideas were better than mine!”

After Bob gets his boat, he knows he’s going to get excellent customer service; Bob’s seen the service first hand with Sabre’s sister company, Back Cove Yachts. “After sales service is outstanding; they truly stand behind their product.”

As some might know, Bob Preston’s mission is to spread awareness of Parkinson’s disease. He’s dubbed his story, “Optimism can take you anywhere!”. We are confident it will….aboard a Sabre 48.

Bob Preston’s cruise starts June 28 on their Back Cove 37. They receive their new boat at the end of July!

To follow their adventures, check out their new blog: Optimismtour.blogspot.com

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