Beautiful Varnish


Hazel putting a coat of varnish on a drawer cover

Our interior varnish process protects all of this beautiful woodwork for the life of the boat. Maintenance consists of a simple annual wipe down with warm water and a touch of soap. Wood on a boat is beautiful and such an essential aspect of our designs.

Here at Sabre we have a varnish department adjacent to the woodworking department. Presently we have five women working all aspects of interior varnish; Hazel, Lori, Cathy, Wendy and Doreen.


Putting the finishing touches on a Sabre 42 Dinette

Some people ask why women? Generally speaking women are very good at varnishing because they take their time and pay attention to details! Over the years we have had both men and women in this role.

Interiors onboard Sabre 42 Salon Express in Oxford, MD.

The finished Dinette! This Sabre 42 Salon Express is ready for it’s new owners!

Supervisor, Jason Douglass says, “The varnish department is such an essential aspect of our build process. From our poured epoxy tables to the final coat of varnish, our team gives each boat that wow factor.”

Hazel is a five year Sabre Associate and has been in the varnish department throughout her time at the company. Above she is putting a coat of sealer on the drawer face. We apply two coats of sealer and two coats of varnish to all interior wood in our motor yachts. After the parts have dried, they are ready to be installed in the hull they are built for. Each part is built for a specific boat!


Doreen is all smiles!

Lori is also a Sabre varnish aficionado! Lori has been at Sabre for just over a year. When the boat is in completion, the boat gets a thorough inspection. Lori and other associates spend a lot of time cleaning the interior and making everything 100% perfect. 

Doreen, shown to the right, has been with the company for almost ten years. Doreen is spending time sanding the interior as it gets installed in the hull of this Sabre 42 Salon Express.

At our Sabre 48 shop, Cathy Thompson, A 30 year Sabre veteran, and Wendy handle all interior finish for that shop

Sabre couldn’t do it without these fantastic associates! To learn more about Sabre Motor Yachts, visit the Sabre website.

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2 Responses to Beautiful Varnish

  1. Mary Richter says:

    I am working to rehab the dinged up interior finish on a 1990 Saber 34′. Could you please tell me what type of sealer and varnish you use? What finish do you use on the companionway stairs and floor boards?

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    Mary Richter
    Fine Yacht Finishing,LLC

  2. Sarah says:

    Hi Mary —

    Send us an email!

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