New Sabre 40 Sedan Video

Some of my favorite boating moments are my early mornings on the water. For me this is the best time of day. Getting out there while the sun is coming up and the world for the most part is still asleep. This is especially true during the Miami Boat Show when we get underway before the revelers on South Beach are just going to bed. The morning’s first cup of coffee tastes especially good on a boat. 

The morning light is South Florida is a photographer’s dream and this year we had a chance to shoot some great new video footage on the Sabre 40 Sedan running on Biscayne Bay. If you are a follower of my Back Cove blog you’ll know the story of how we get going before dawn and rendezvous with the helicopter that has taken off from Tamiami airport.

Photographer Billy Black dangles from the door of the helo while talking to both the pilot and the captain as the run gets underway. It’s frightening the first time you see the skids of the machine just feet above the bow rail while running at 30 knots. But the pilot is a real pro and he gets Billy in the right place every time.

Here is the result of the video shoot. Can you smell the coffee?

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