Nearly done

From the time that our deck is down until the Sabre motoryacht is shipped to the dealership and client, most of the work being performed below deck is the completion of tasks started prior to the decking of the hull. For example, all of the wires that were installed in the deck now need to be connected to the electrical system and panel which were based in the hull.

Another major event when the hull moves away from the decking station is the tabbing and trimming out of bulkheads where they come in contact with the deck. Final touches are made to the headliner and overhead, Cantilupi lights are installed.

Outside the hull to deck joint is made. 3M 5200 Marine adhesive is used to create a watertight joint in this "shoe box" style hull to deck joint. The joint is thru bolted every six inches. Once the joint is firmly secured it is covered with a PVC rub rail and stainless steel cap, screwed to the PVC rail

Our final station prior to shipment is a beehive of activity. I’ll talk about that and the final varnish work going on inside the yacht next time.

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