Decking day

Our deck is now completely fitted out. Every piece of deck hardware including the stainless steel Deckfwd mooring chocks, Lewmar deck hatches, stainless steel portlights, custom air intake vents, large diameter 316 stainless steel hand rails and the hard top are fitted to the deck. Under the deck the headliner is installed and our deck is ready to catch up to her hull on the assembly line.Decking

Jason and his crew bring the deck to the assembly area. Inside the hull everything is ready. All major furniture and mechanical components are installed. But we need to stop and consider the shape of the deck and how it will line up with the interior components. Consider the shape of the top of a bulkhead for example. That curve has to line up perfectly with the inside shape of the deck. So what will happen here is the crew will lower the deck down to the top of the bulkheads and then wooden wedges will be used to support the deck while last minute adjustments are made to interior joinery.

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