Infusion Confusion ?

Not for the boatbuilders doing it.

The first hull part for the Sabre 40 was infused this week and what once took almost one week of labor with traditional hand laid techniques was accomplished in just a few hours; Granted the prep time is much longer but overall hours have been saved, less resin has been used and a better part has been produced.


But I need to explain what you're seeing here. The mold has been sprayed with the exterior color (gelcoat) of the hull. Then, all of the fiberglass and coring materials (a.k.a. the laminate stack) have been laid dry in the hull. Once all of the structural materials are in place, a very large plastic bag is laid over the top of the entire part. Hoses are run through the mold at strategic places. Some of the hoses will introduce resin into the bag and others will draw air out of the bag. A seal is made around the edge of the entire bag. The pumps are then turned on pulling catalyzed resin into the part and infusing that resin into the laminate stack. Once all of the materials are wetted out the pumps are stopped and the part is complete. 


The next day, our boatbuilders are back in the hull part preparing the engine beds and stringers

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