What’s up in 2017?

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Welcome to Sabre Yachts 2017 blog series! As our Sabre Spirit newsletter subscribers will know, we’re not stinting on the resolutions this year! (If you don’t receive our monthly newsletter you can follow this link to sign up.) In keeping with our many goals we wanted to provide our readers with some fun facts about what’s up at Sabre Yachts in 2017.

-Jamie LB Governale

We’re thrilled to announce two new appointments at Sabre this year:

 What's up in 2017? Aaron Crawford has been promoted to President, in addition to retaining his responsibilities as Chief Operations Officer. Aaron brings more than twenty years of manufacturing, design, and engineering experience to his new role, the last seven of which have been with Sabre Yachts. Aaron is an experienced boater and lives on the coast of Maine with his wife and two daughters.
 What's up in 2017? Glenn Campbell has taken over as Head of Engineering at Sabre. Glenn has been an integral member of our engineering team since 1997 and has contributed to more than fifteen new models in that time. Glenn received a BS in Industrial Technology from the University of Southern Maine and initially joined the Sabre engineering team as an intern while he was completing his degree. 


Keep an eye out for the latest additions to Sabre’s lineup:

The Sabre 45 Salon Express will make her official debut at the 2017 *Palm Beach Boat Show, running from March 23-26, in West Palm Beach, FL. Stay connected on our Facebook page to receive production updates, and follow @sabreyachts on Instagram for live updates from all of our shows and events.


UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Sabre 45 Salon Expres will not be present at the Palm Beach Boat Show.

Last year we debuted the Sabre 66 Dirigo in a Salon Express model. This year she will be joined by her sister, the Sabre 66 Fly Bridge. Dirigo is the Maine state motto, and translates from Latin to mean ‘I Lead.’ As anyone who has seen her will recognize, the Sabre 66 is certainly a leader in her class. 


Our craftspeople are blowing us away in 2017:

Followers of this blog will know that last year we introduced our ‘Work-iversary’ series, where we interview craftspeople reaching anniversary milestones with Sabre. This year is a special year for this project, and here’s why:

  1. We will celebrate more than thirty ‘Work-iversaries’ in 2017.
  2. Those milestones will range from five years to forty years, representing a thirty-five-year spread.
  3. The average tenure of craftspeople celebrating anniversaries this year is seventeen-and-a-half years.
  4. Finally, these associates represent a combined total of five hundred and twenty-five years of boatbuilding experience at Sabre Yachts.

If that doesn’t blow you away, you need to re-read the list! We couldn’t be more proud of our associates, they are the heart and soul of Sabre Yachts, and we’re so excited to celebrate with them. 

What's up in 2017? What's up in 2017? What's up in 2017? What's up in 2017?
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