Wendy: 20 years with Sabre Yachts

Hi All,

2017’s anniversary series is something special, representing a combined total of five hundred and twenty-five years of boatbuilding experience at Sabre Yachts. Marking off twenty of those years is Wendy. Anyone who knows her will tell you that Wendy is a cornerstone of our Production Team, her pride in her work is matched only by our own pride in calling her a member of the Sabre Family. Our thanks to Wendy for an incredible twenty years of dedication and talent.


What’s something your mother taught you that you’ve never forgotten?

No matter what, do your best!

How honest are you?

Way too much.

What superpower would you like to have?

The ability to fly.

What’s your favorite book of all time?

Violets are Blue, by James Patterson

Tell me about something that was difficult but made you a better person:

Going through cancer, twice.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

London, England.

What’s your favorite song of all time?

My Best Friend, by Tim McGraw

If you could talk to someone who has passed away, who would you talk to and what would you say?

My mom and my sister. I would tell them how much I miss them.

What makes you proud?

The outcome of my work.

If you could send a message back through time to your younger self what would you say?

Listen to your mom!

Tell me about the most beautiful thing you’ve seen:

Sunset in the Florida Keys.

What is your least favorite thing about the world today?


Name one thing that always makes you smile:

My friends and family.

If you won a million dollars what would you spend it on?

School loans.

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