Volvo Penta hosts Sabre and Back Cove in Sweden

Last week, Dave and Kevin were among a group of Americans hosted by Volvo Penta on a visit that covered multiple facilities over three different parts of Sweden. Their adventure included everything from Scandinavian seafood to brand new products set to release in 2016:

Dave and Kevin

Dave and Kevin


The Visitors

 The trip included Volvo’s marine testing facility, engine foundry and assembly plant, and the IPS research and assembly facility.  The visitors were also introduced to some exciting new technologies being developed by Volvo Penta, and were invited to preview and test some new equipment that will be introduced in 2016.

A world-leading supplier of marine leisure engines and complete power systems,  Sabre has offered Volov Penta engines in our yachts throughout our 45 year history, and Back Cove has offered Volvo options since the company’s founding in 2003. The partnership between our companies is long standing, and based on a mutual thirst for reliable performance and innovative technology.


The Volvo Penta Facility


To cap off an already exciting trip, Dave and Kevin were treated to some amazing Scandinavian seafood.


Scandinavian Restaurant


Delicious Scandinavian Seafood



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