Two tone decks. How do they do that?

Probably not one of those questions that keeps you up at night is it? Well I am going to tell you anyway just in case you are counting sheep while trying to figure it out.

First of all the gelcoat (or colored pigment) that you see on the deck of a boat goes into the mold first unlike a house that is painted after it is built. The process of creating a two tone deck is not complicated but it takes a lot of patience to create the perfect lines that you see separating the two colors. In the case of the Sabre two tone deck the basic areas that are done in the contrasting color are the non-skid surfaces.

Here our associate is taping out the areas that are going to be sprayed in the darker of the two colors and covering all of the smooth surfaces with a protective layer of plastic sheeting. Once this task is done the gelcoat is sprayed onto the non skid areas, those exposed outside the plastic cover sheet. Then the tape and plastic are removed and the second, or base color of the deck, is sprayed in behind the first. When the part is removed from the mold, it will have two tones: one in the smooth areas and the second in the non-skid.

Hopefully now you can get some rest. More on this first Sabre 38 Salon Express deck later this week

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