Too many boat shows?

Attendance at some shows around the USA has dropped and organizers and exhibitors are trying to figure out why. Perhaps some of the boaters who read this blog can jump in here with an opinion? Are there too many shows or not enough? Is the content what you want to see? If you aren’t seeing what you want to see at shows tell me more about what you would like and I’ll pass it along to the show promoters.

One other thought I had was that the Internet now has such great tools available that in many cases you can see the details of lots of boats from the comfort of your desk or arm chair. Is it possible that the web has taken the place of actually attending a show for some boaters?

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2 Responses to Too many boat shows?

  1. ian says:

    Personally I attend one or two boat shows a year. For me, the key issue is show CONTENT not quantity. Researching for a new boat requires stepping on board and assessing storage, nav station layout and fit/feel of everything from head to cockpit.. none of which can be done via the internet.
    The internet certainly does displace coming to boat shows to see the smaller stands such as parts suppliers though.

  2. Jay says:

    I think the drop in attendence is most likely connected to the slowing economy and the reduction in disposible income caused by the housing market drop. Increased fuel prices do not help either.

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