The Sabre 46 Coming to Life

Download S46SE_Crew SR_16JUL10

Our new Sabre 46 Salon Express is being tooled in Florida and as I have said before on this blog, tooling is an art form. Like most art forms it cannot be rushed. This week was the time when our hull mold was to depart Florida for Maine but our inspection did not go as we had hoped and the tool has been delayed for another week to work out a couple of minor issues. In the long run it's best because it will give us the finest looking parts if the hull tool is as fair as it can be. Meanwhile, all of the engineering of the other molds and her interior are all moving ahead on schedule.

The attached drawing provides some details of the crew quarters that are offered as an option on the Sabre 46. Because this is a Zeus pod boat the engines and pods are moved aft and the engine room in essence extends from the transom to a point about half way up the length of the main salon. Forward of that bulkhead and aft of the owners stateroom exists a space which in the standard version is a mechanical work and storage space that is separated from the main engine room. The option for this space is to have it fitted out as a crew quarters as is pictured here. Note that this is not a full head room space. There is limited space to the starboard side above the berth and on center but to port, standing headroom is created in the L-settee above. This gives headroom at the work bench in the base boat and in the shower and head in the crew quarters version.

Access to this space is via stairs from the main salon. A clever design moves the port side settee athwartships, opening up the stair to below.S46X_salon_prelim_6

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