The Sabre 42: The popularity continues

Sabre 42 Salon Express running in Oxford, MD.Since it was introduced to the market in 2009, The Sabre 42 Salon Express has been a hugely popular model. Why? It is quieter, more fuel efficient and more maneuverable than other motoryachts in its class.

The Sabre 42 allows you to enjoy the same levels of personal luxury and comfort that exist in your homes and automobiles such as stainless steel appliances in the galley, air conditioning, elegantly finished woodwork and plush seating throughout the cockpit, main salon and in the staterooms.

Interiors onboard Sabre 42 Salon Express in Oxford, MD.Last month we celebrated the 75th hull being built (Sabre has orders to build through hull #90). Hull # 75 was delivered to Yacht Registry in late August and we asked owner, Mark Reder what it is about the Sabre 42 Salon Express that makes it so popular.

Interiors onboard Sabre 42 Salon Express in Oxford, MD.Mark said, “Since last fall we have had the pleasure of building and delivering four Sabre 42 Salon Express to our Florida West Coast customers. While we love selling all the Sabre and Back Cove product, the 42SE model had been a major part of our new boat sales for years. The Sabre 42 is just a perfect fit for our owners cruising needs here in Florida.”

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