Swim Platform Mold Gets Ready

I was in the shop today and looking at the new swim platform mold for the Sabre 46 Salon Express. One of the attributes of this style of boat is easy access to the water via the swim platform so this is one element that we knew we had to get "spot on". The 46 platform is the longest to date of any of the models we build. Measuring 48 inches in depth it is designed so suit a dinghy while retaining the use of the swing door for movement on and off the boat while at the dock.

Last summer Kevin and his engineers spent a day on the water studying the shape of these longer platforms and they noted that long and wide aft corners tended to grab the water in hard turns and so the shape is more tapered than on our previous designs.

Sabre 46-16 045 

In this image our FRP technician removes a Cure Gel which has been applied to the surface of the mold to prepare it for the first part fabrication. The gel is then removed prior to the applcation of the actual gelcoat that will be sprayed for the first platform.

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