“Steer board side” of the Main Salon

A bit of trivia here. When sailing ships did not have the conventional rudder we know today a long oar or board was used to steer the ship and this oar was hung from the right hand side (facing forward) of the ship. The other side was the one that was used to tie up to the pier for loading and unloading so the "port" side is named for the way the ship was docked. The other side slowly evolved from steer board to starboard which is what we call the right hand side of the ship today.


In the Sabre 38 Salon EXpress there are no steering boards because the steering is done with the latest in technology: the Volvo IPS pod system. And in the main salon the starboard side offers an abundance of storage and a location for the television on it's lift. Diane in the wood shop finished assembling this first starboard side cabinet and called me down to check it out. Beautiful work Diane!

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