Sabre Associates pick their favorite APPS

Perhaps you just received the latest tablet (iPad, kindle etc) as a holiday gift. Now for the best part! Downloading the apps….

We at Sabre absolutely LOVE our smartphone and tablets. In fact, we give an ipad away to each new Sabre 48 Salon Express owners (complete with owners manual etc).

So now that you have a new tablet, where do you start? We’ve assembled the TOP 5 most essential apps for our fellow boat lovers.

Sabre 48 Rooster's Tale in Portland Maine.

5. Harbor Master

iTunes says, Relax and let the sounds of the sea transport you far away. You are the Harbor Master in a busy harbor. Direct boats into the docks, watch them unload their cargo, and direct them off the screen. But be careful not to let the boats crash, and watch out for the pirates, monsters, and cyclones!

Sabre Associates say, “If you’re like us and have snow on the ground right now, this app is a fun way to stay connected to the water while sitting next to the fire”.

4.  Ship Finder

iTunes says, The original and most highly rated ship tracking app, ranked top 10 in the Navigation category in over 30 countries.

Sabre Associates say, “It’s like Facebook for ships….enter the boats surname and you can view pictures, its height, length, home port. It’s very entertaining!”


iTunes says, “ iNavX brings the freely available, official and up to date NOAA RNC raster waters marine charts to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Included detailed chart coverage: West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii and US Virgin Islands and beyond….”

Sabre Associates say, “We use this app everywhere…from the Coast of Australia to Monaco to Maine. It never lets us down.”

2. DragQueen

iTunes says, DragQueen is a simple anchor alarm. It provides distance and GPS accuracy alarms along with an alarm delay. The alarm is quite annoying and is the perfect thing to waken you at night if it detects anchor dragging to your specifications.

Sabre Associates say, “The name alone is entertainment. My wife actually was worried…it’s a bonus that it actually is quite effective!”

1. Sabre Yachts

iTunes says, Sabre motor yachts are available in Salon Express and Fly Bridge styles and in lengths from 38 to 54 feet. All models cruise in the mid-twenty knot range and use pod drive systems for quiet and efficient operation.

Sabre Associates say, “Our new app allows you to view brochures of all of our models. The app has videos and pictures. You can even pick out the color hull you want!”

What are YOUR favorite apps?


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