Sabre 386 Esmeralde and the 2010 Newport-Bermuda Race

Sabre 386 owners Dorsey and Bruce Baird have found the winter days extra long this year with all of the bad weather we are experiencing in New England. But that has given them time to look back at their summer of 2010 and produce a great video of their Newport-Bermuda race from early last summer. I especially like the part where the United States Navy decided to entertain them with an aircraft carrier and some Harriers when the winds dropped to drifting speed. How cool is that?

This boat sailed directly from Bermuda to Boothbay Harbor for our 2010 Rendezvous so they were the hands down winner of the Sabre Sword Award for sailing the furthest to attend our event.

We love people who love their Sabre boats and enjoy sharing these videos and images with us.

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