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Sabre 38 in Portland Maine

A beautiful boat such as a Sabre 38 Salon Express, deserves a little TLC (tender loving care) so when one of our Sabre owners showed us this excellent product, we were thrilled share it with you. It’s called “No Spill” and apparently it’s very effective in preventing diesel fuel from spilling into our precious ocean. As we all know, spilling fuel into U.S. waters is illegal and bad for the environment. Prevent diesel from making a mess of the hull while also doing good for the environment? Sounds like a win-win!

no spill_device

What is it? No-Spill is a fuel resistant bottle designed for temporary attachment to the hull, over the fuel tank vent, while fueling. 


It captures fuel spilled from the vent when the tank reaches a full level, fuel that would otherwise stain the hull and run into the water. No-Spill attaches to the hull using two super strong suction cups.


According to the description on various websites, it is designed for use with gasoline or diesel fuel. The cost is under $20 and it fits all boats with fuel tank vents up to 1.5″ (3.8 cm) in diameter. Are you excited or what? Let’s go boating!



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