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It seems like it was just yesterday that we came to know the word blog and it’s meaning. In fact my lap top spell checker hasn’t caught up with the latest internet verbage yet. Sabre Yachts is a company which goes about it’s daily business with great integrity, working to the highest standards. We feel that our reputation is very strong but you never really know how strong your reputation is until you listen to what the world has to say about you. We are very excited to be joining the world of web logs and we are looking forward to the discussions which will be generated on our blog.

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  1. Bruce B says:

    Well Dorsey and I are happy to report that the reputation Sabre has for a high quality boat and the reports that say they stand behind their product are well deserved. We are delighted with our new Sabre 386 Esmeralde and in fact with the entire experience. Come check out our website (and the new video) to see more about our adventure!

  2. Owners like Dorsey and Bruce make our boats even better than they already are by asking us to stretch our own capabilties. Just yesterday I spoke with a potential buyer of a Sabre 426 who has used the Baird’s experience as evidence of our ability to deliver a first class yacht to our owners.

  3. Daniel A. Zilkha says:

    The Esmeralde photo show, on the Beard’s website, is just wonderful, and will be shown at the Quarterly Meeting (which we hold at the end of every quarter with all the Sabre Associates, to review the quarter and discuss what is going on or what is new at Sabre). What a great thing to share with everyone here !

  4. SandMan says:

    Looks like you got the conversation going all right….

  5. Nice to have this site, but if you want to talk Sabre sailboats, places to work on them, places to sail them, and things you can do to make them better, come on over to yahoo sabre group for a look.
    Since the end of October, we have gotten 165 owners to put in 1700+ messages.

  6. George Miller says:

    We’re not Sabreline owners yet but we are looking at a couple used 36 Aft Cabin Motoryachts. Looks like it would work very nicely for our short Alaska boating season – a warm diesel furnace and the cozy aft cabin!
    Can any Sabreline owners send me their experience with the CAT 3116 engines???? I know some boaters have been very unhappy with this CAT, but I suspect much of the trouble has been from pushing or exceeding the rpm limits on every voyage.
    We’re currently running another model CAT engine in Alaska and it’s great – I only cruise the rpm’s at 70 to 80% of max.
    Thanks for any info you can provide.
    George Miller
    M/V Flite Deck
    Seward, AK

  7. Larry Shushan says:

    I have twin 300HP 3116TA Cats on my 1995 Ocean Alexander 44′ CPMY with about 900 hours on them. I run them about 2200 to 2250. The only problem I’ve had was with the shut-down solenoid, which had to be replaced on the starboard engine. Other than that, no problems. I understand the 3116’s were recalled, but my particular engines didn’t fall into the serial number range of those that were recalled.

  8. Bentley Collins says:

    Hi Larry. Sabre used both the Detroit 8.2 engine and the CAT 3116 engine in the 36 motoryachts. We had issues with the 8.2’s but once we got going with the 3116’s there were very few problems. Clients did have problems with the larger 31 series engines but not with the 300 hp version in the 36 sedan

  9. david casey says:

    I am looking to get some innormation on the Sabre 36 1995 hardtop with 3116 cats ha sany one owned on can you tel me of any items to look for when purchasing

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