Design Team & New Design Studio

Entrance to Back Cove Yachts. The stairs lead to the new design studio

Last month Kevin Burns, VP of Design & Product Development, and Adam Carlson, Senior Designer, moved into a new Design Studio! Here is a peek at the new space…

As you can see from the photos, the entire design team does not work out of this studio. Adam and Kevin are the lucky ones! The team is comprised of eight members and they meet regularly to discuss the present models as well as dream up future designs. The design team includes: Kevin Burns, Vice President of Design and Product Development, Daniel Zilkha, President & Chief Executive Officer, Chris Evans, Director, Ed Miller, Chairman, Bentley Collins, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Aaron Crawford, Chief Operating Officer, Dave Newcomb, Head of the Engineering Department and Adam Carlson, Senior Designer.

The design team  is responsible for translating the companies’ vision into real boats, from the conceptual level down to the details. The designers work in the Design and Product Development Department help to shape and evolve current and future models by introducing improved manufacturing details, modern equipment specifications, and the newest construction methodologies. They create hull forms and sculpted deck shapes; generate concepts, technical drawings, and specifications; and communicate ideas using 3D models and detailed renderings.

New Design Studio waiting area

Adam Carlson, Senior Designer, and Kevin Burns, VP of Design and Product Development, have new work stations that are well suited for the design work they do for both Back Cove and Sabre Yachts. 

Adam Carlson, Senior Designer & Kevin Burns, VP of Design and Product Development, at their workstations.

Kevin Burns is Sabre Yacht’s Vice President of Design and Product Development. Kevin joined us in 2006, and today he lives with his wife and children in mid-coast Maine. In early 2009 Kevin began working as Chief Designer for both Back Cove and Sabre Yachts.

“I think that Sabre has challenged people’s notion of what ‘Downeast’ can be.  Not to say the designs don’t carry the timeless Downeast appeal – they do – but there’s almost a flirtation with irreverence that speaks to the fact that we’re not afraid to push boundaries if it results in a better boat.”

Kevin Burns and Adam Carlson after a sea trial in Rockland Harbor.

To learn more about the latest models designed by the team, visit the Sabre Yachts website 


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