And I thought Spam was just canned meat

As I child I remember eating Spam sandwiches. I actually liked them. Then, the mystery meat in a can became scorned at by millions and it was a "bad thing" as Martha might say. (I wonder if she has ever tasted it?) But there is hope for Spam. Young adults are drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer like it's something really special. In case you have ever had a PBR and cannot possibly understand the new popularity, you are not alone.

My thought when that cruise ship started drifting around last week off the Mexican coast was that the Marines should have flown in some PBR in addition to the Spam. Poor Spam got a bad wrap and the PBR might have helped them out. At least those who were lost at sea would have had a good buzz on.

Anyway what prompted me to write about Spam and PBR is that a group of individuals have been thinking it is cool to "spam" my blogs and undoubtedly many of you have gotten a lot of postings of late that were generated by these guys. I have no idea what their goal is and I hope you have not been discouraged by all the junk. Do not despair I have lots to write about and I am planning to show you a lot of what we are working on here at Sabre over the next few weeks.

I think I'll stop and pickup some PBR on the way home tonight. I'm thirsty.

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