A tide free harbor? Check out Windmill Harbour Basin in Hilton Head


Windmill Harbour Basin in Hilton Head, South Carolina was visited earlier this winter by Sabre 48 Salon Express owners Graeme and Erica Wheatley. Above, their lovely boat, Lady Erica, rests peacefully in Windmill Harbour Marina.

One of the most remarkable things about this Harbour is that it’s tide free! The harbor was built with a lock to help keep the water level the same at all times. 


According to the Marina, “Transiting the lock is a cinch. Our helpful harbor master and his staff are there to operate the lock during normal hours and 24 hour access is available when you have your own personal lock card.”


Graeme Wheatley writes, “Access through the lock does not even require lines and, of course, the Zeus Pods on the Sabre 48 enable the skipper to keep the boat perfectly stable throughout the locking process.”


“We felt secure there and the absence of a tidal effect meant that the boat remained very stable and soundly tied.” 


In addition, the HQ of the South Carolina Yacht Club is in the basin and, through the Wheatley’s membership of the Chesapeake Yacht Club, the couple had reciprocal rights there. “It is a very upscale club. We had dinner there one evening and it was excellent. Guests have a special pennant for their table and one of the members, seeing the pennant, came over to introduce herself and made us feel most welcome.”


I don’t know about you, but this harbor is definitely on my bucket list. And the Wheatley’s? They are off to the next harbor and more importantly, the next adventure…..

To learn more about Windmill Harbour Marina, please visit their website.

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