Sabre Sailing Yachts

Our three sailboat models are described in the following pages: the Sabre Spirit, the Sabre 426, and the Sabre 456. You will find detailed data as well as interior and exterior images; you can request additional information about any of these designs; or you will find contact information for the dealer nearest you.

Sabre sailing yachts are medium displacement, performance boats, blending the comfort of cruising, the ability for bluewater passagemaking, and the capability of race winning performances.

Our current range is designed by Jim Taylor Yacht Design, working in collaboration with the Sabre Design Team. Our designs have been evolutionary rather than revolutionary, and have consistently focused on performance, traditional styling, safety and comfort. Jim Taylor provides hull design, underwater appendages and rig plans, while the Sabre Design Team develops the deck and interior accommodations plans.

Sabre sailing yachts are designed for high load carrying capacity, and stability is achieved both by hull form and by high ballast-to-displacement ratios. Efficient lead keels provide excellent lift and performance characteristics as well as close upwind pointing angles. Sail plans offer the optimum balance of light air performance and heavy weather stability.

Sabre sailing yachts are not wet race boats, nor are they heavy displacement “tanks”: they are comfortable, fast and highly refined yachts, fun to sail and a pleasure to own.