Sabre 42 Fly Bridge Sedan


The Sabre 42 Fly Bridge is the outcome of discussions with our clients and prospective clients. These conversations have led us to create a yacht which offers the same levels of personal luxury and comfort that they have come to expect in their homes and in their automobiles. We have developed a yacht with both lower and upper helms, that permits owners to operate from the comfort of the yacht’s interior or from the openness of her fly bridge. Technology is advancing rapidly and our owners have come to expect that when there is a new technology available, Sabre will employ it in all new designs.

We have dramatically changed the way we build our yachts and the way in which they are propelled. Traditional values such as fine craftsmanship and great looks remain, as our owners have come to expect, but below the elegant surfaces, things are state-of- In our fiberglass shop we have changed to infusion molding. The process is greener in that it uses considerably less resin, and is cleaner in that the emissions levels are much lower. Less resin means less weight, allowing the hull to run faster and use less fuel. Infusion differs from traditional hand lay-up in that all materials are loaded dry into the mold in a stack, which is then covered with a plastic bag to allow the resin to be infused. This creates a stronger part with higher glass to resin ratios.

The Sabre 42 Fly Bridge uses Zeus pod drives. Smaller engines using vectored thrust propel the boat at higher speeds using less fuel. And when maneuvering in tight spaces a joy stick gives increased confidence to the operator.